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There is something special about Spanish mail order brides that captivates grooms from all around the world. This article will help a man learn as much as possible about dating Spanish women, their personality traits and also direct you to the best Spanish matrimonial service.

Spanish Brides Dating Etiquette

The question of who should make the first step is open in Spain. A recent study by matrimonial services Badoo found that brides from Spain are more likely to make first steps than any other European lady. The same study is also called Spanish girls’ world’s biggest flirts. Well, I may assume that this fact is caused by local men’s lack of assertiveness and initiativeness. Local guys are not used to calling their ladies often, especially during the first stages of relationships.

A typical date in Spain is when a couple goes out together for drinks or tapas, to the cinema, park, or beach. Besides, you can also expect to spend an evening out with her friends because having their partner accepted by a circle of people is important in Spanish sociable society.

Despite the fact that Spain is a part of Western Europe with strong and independent women, in this country, this is a man who picks the bill at the end of a meal. Even if he lives with his parents and earns less than his woman.

Next, in Spain, a couple is not used to hiding their feelings. This is a country where chivalry, romance, and public signs of affection are still alive. Of course, if you come from a more restrained environment, holding hands and kissing in public may make you cringe. In Spain, however, this is the normal way to behave when into relationships with a lady.

Dressing up is also an essential detail in the dating process. Any Spanish wife finder knows that local brides dress to impress and don’t go out with a man wearing the same clothes that they put on when going to work. In Spain, men are also used to taking care of how they look, so try to correspond to the expectations of your main order girlfriend from Spain.

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Reasons That Make Spanish Women Perfect Wives

Unforgettable Appearance

When thinking of dating a Spanish Bride, you might imagine walking near a dark-haired and hazelnut-eyed beauty, and you will be right. Pretty Spanish girls possess an exotic appearance. Their long silky hair, big eyes, and disarmament smile make men crazy. Even more, Spanish ladies have tempting figures that only add to their charm.

What you should also know is that these brides’ appearance is quite diverse. Not all Spanish beauties look like Penélope Cruz; some of these brides have light hair and green eyes.

The hairstyle is a separate topic worth discussing. Spanish brides take much care of their hair and believe that the proper color and length gives a special charm to their faces.

Reliable Characters

No matter how beautiful a woman is, physical attractiveness is not enough to build long-lasting relationships. Personal traits play a vital role when entering into solid relationships with a woman. Thankfully Spanish women for marriage possess a range of valuable features that make them excellent life partners.

Hot Temper

First of all, brides from Spain are known for their hot and expressive natures. They don’t make scenes all the time, of course, but these brides won’t be silent if your behavior offends their feelings and won’t try to ease the conflict or escape from it. Brides from Spain hold an avalanche of emotions, and in case you hurt them or their family, this avalanche will come down on you. Their love is burning and makes Spanish women for sale passionate sex partners.

You need to understand that dating such a sensual lady may devastate you if you’re not prepared to take the lead in the family.

Beautiful Spanish Women Know to Raise Children

Girlfriends from Spain are devoted to their families but not hooked on them. Children are their great value, but brides from Spain never sacrifice their own lives for the sake of a child. In Spain, wives grow independent personalities in their kids and surround them with love and support.

They Treat Marriage Seriously

Spain is a country with the lowest minimum marital age. The citizens are allowed to get married at the age of 16. However, according to statistics, the average marriage age in Spain is 33 y.o. Women from Spain first prefer to obtain a degree and get a job before marriage. This may be unusual for Eastern European women who get married and give birth to kids before the age of 25, but Spanish brides believe that a solid marriage can be established between two self-sufficient personalities.


Despite the hot temper, Spain brides will surprise you with her devotedness and loyalty. When made a choice, they stick to it and don’t betray their husbands. Loyalty is crucial for all of them. Cheating is considered unforgivable.

Spanish Mail Order Brides Are Hardworking

Your Spanish mail order wife will not only surprise you with loyalty but also with her sense of commitment to work and keeping the house clean. These brides master in both career and house chores. She wouldn’t mind contributing financially to the family budget and feed her fiance with a delicious dinner.

These Brides Are Committed to Family

Hot Spanish brides are the best partners to create solid family relationships with. Family wellness is their priority. Spanish ladies will put much effort to maintain the family and create a supportive and loving environment inside it. These brides find family essential and, hence, turn to matrimonial agencies to find a foreign groom. The idea of international marriage doesn’t scare them. Vice versa, Spanish singles consider it an exciting experience.

3 Matrimonial Services To Meet Spanish Girls For Marriage

Dream Singles

DreamSingles main page


  • A massive database of Spanish women looking for marriage
  • The registration is fast and free of cost
  • Advanced tools make communication as easy process
  • Obligatory verification for women before they make an account
  • The target audience is comprised of lonely Western grooms and European women looking for American men


  • Some women registered have poor English skills, so the help of an interpreter is vital to lead the productive dialog.
  • As a free member, you’re limited in using the matrimonial service’s main features.

Match Truly

main page MatchTruly


  • You can receive a consultation from a friendly customer service team 24/7
  • Clear Usage and payment terms
  • A wide range of communication medium to chat with gorgeous Spanish wives online
  • Excellent for the newbies in the online dating world
  • Free and fast signup
  • A Tinder-like mobile application to help you meet Spanish girl wherever you are


  • Advanced services are only accessible via payment
  • Doesn’t offer many unique features

main page


  • A user-friendly layout and modern-looking design
  • A wide range of payment options including Google Pay, Debit/Credit card, Paypal, and etc
  • A legit match-making matrimonial service that connects singles for long-lasting relationships


  • Some reviews report having notices fake accounts that attract people to purchase a subscription plan
  • A mobile app is not available on AppStore.

Tips For Dating Spanish Brides — 6 Things You Need To Know About Your Spanish Soulmate

They’re Always Late

Get used to that, and don’t make a drama out of it. Spanish mail-order brides want to look their best when going out for a date and so rigorously select the outfit and makeup in a relaxed way. There is no rush when it comes to appointments with men. Their lateness is cultural. Experienced tourists know that no party, dinner, or special occasion starts on time in Spain, so you’d better save up the energy to impress your Spanish bride for sale.

Don’t Criticize Her Family

All the Spanish feel a strong bond with their families and live with them, even in their thirties. If you don’t respect her family, for a Spanish bride, it will mean you don’t respect her. Make her parents like you because their opinion matters to them a lot. If your potential Spanish wife likes you, she will always suggest meeting in a family circle to introduce you to her parents and siblings.

Don’t Put Pressure On Her

Family matters for all Spanish ladies, no need to deny that. However, don’t expect her to turn into a homebody. Spanish brides for marriage are highly social, and they need time to recharge in the company of friends in a local bar. It’s in their blood, so you either deal with it, or your relationships won’t last.

Ask Her Out And Be A Gentleman

No matter how progressive and emancipated your Spanish woman may seem, she still adores gorgeous signs of affection. Bring her flowers, ask her out for a date, be caring and attentive, and you will captivate her mind. These brides are far from being unapproachable ice queens. A well-mannered decent will definitely find a way to conquer the heart of a single woman from Spain.

Learn To Read The Signs

When a bride from Spain likes you, she doesn’t beat around the bush to find an appropriate moment to let you know. Her gestures are more than eloquent, and all you need is to learn to recognize them. So how do you know a lady from Spain has fallen for you? The brightest signs are the following:

  • She touches her hair and smiles when around you
  • She introduces you to her family
  • She shows interest in your life and shares her interests passionately
  • She plans the next date

Don’t Make Fun Of Her Culture

This sounds obvious since it can be applied to any woman in the world. Avoid any kind of stereotypes about Spain and don’t even dare to make fun of their traditional food or siesta. The best way not to spoil a romantic date with an awkward joke is to learn more about the customs in Spain. A little spoiler: things may never get wrong when discussing art-related topics.

To Summarize

Spanish mail order wives have always been an interest for millions of foreign grooms. Their inborn beauty, charm, and family-oriented characters made brides from Spain the most desirable Western European women. The times when one needed to move to Spain to find a Spanish bride have passed. The era of online dating has made international dating available for singles who always wanted to be involved in cross-cultural relationships. Don’t hesitate and grab a chance to meet your love from Spain!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Loyal Are Spanish Brides?

Brides from Spain are extremely loyal. Loyalty goes hand in hand with a Spanish mail order bride. If you’re serious about your intentions of marrying her, then you’ll get the most devoted partner for life. But remember that you shouldn’t expect loyalty from a woman if you choose to flirt with others while dating her.

At What Age Can You Get Married In Spain?

The legal age for marriage in Spain is 16 y.o, which makes it the country with the minimum marital age over Europe. Despite the permission by the legislation, the overwhelming majority of these women choose to walk down the aisle after 30. Marriage is a responsible step for all these alluring brides.

Why Are Spanish Women So Beautiful?

Beauty is in their DNA. Spain is a state that hosts millions of attractive brunettes and even blondes. The beauty of these brides is the result of a generous gift of nature and self-care. They’re charismatic and graceful, and the fact that you can’t buy a Spanish wife with money makes her even more attractive.

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