Meet Slovenian Mail Order Brides

Slovenian brides are one of the most westernized nations among Slavic women. They embody the perfect combination of Slav tradition and western liberation. They are independent, straightforward and extremely sexy. A breathtaking mixture! Want to know more about who these women are, where to look for them and how to date them? Read on!

Everything You Need to Know About Slovenian Mail-order Brides

Who Are Slovenian Women for Marriage?

The first thing that needs to be established in this article about beautiful Slovakian women is who Slovenian mail order brides are exactly. The reason why this question needs to be answered is the number of misconceptions that surround the matter of mail order bride agencies in general and mail order brides in particular. This is particularly relevant to Slavic mail order brides, the category to which ladies from Slovenia belong.

Unfortunately, the collocation ‘Slovenian bride for sale’ is taken literally way too often. This engenders a number of misunderstandings in regard to the kind of Slovenian girls that are displayed on the pages of online dating sites and mail order bride agencies. The truth is, this phase is only to be taken figuratively. You cannot physically buy a Slovenian mail order bride of the site and get her shipped to your house. Not only that is wrong but is also extremely illegal. In addition to that, you paying money will not mean that a particular Slovenian girl will like you back either.

These women are not paid to converse with men, nor are they scouted to become a part of the mail order bride agencies. All the gorgeous Slovenian brides presented on the pages of mail order bride agencies are simply Slovenian singles who opted for looking for love among foreign men instead of marrying their local men. They do not benefit from having their profile displayed on such platforms in any way other than receiving a chance to build relationships with their soulmate from a different country. Slovenian brides do that out of their free will, so the reasons for such a decision may vary from out Slovenian bride to another. The most common ones, however, include:

  • Slovenian brides want to travel the world and moving out with a husband is a perfect way to bring that idea to life.
  • There are slightly fewer men than there are women in Slovenia. While the difference between the numbers is not nearly as shocking as it is in Russia or Ukraine, the ratio is still not in the favor of Slovenian brides. Even being extremely stunning, they often face a lot of competition if they decide to go after their local men.
  • A desire to widen their dating pool and have a look at what the world has to offer. As it will be discussed later in the section regarding the traits of these women, they are very smart and logical, so they understand that there is no point in limiting themselves to just one country and one nationality when looking for love. They are ready to explore all the options that are accessible to them, and do not want to miss out!

Of course, some of the girls are interested in finding a western man to marry, since it is commonly believed in Slavic countries that men from America, the United Kingdom, and central Europe are more financially stable. However, this is not that common of a reason to marry among Slovenian brides since the political and economic situation in the country is rather decent.

Slovenian brides just know they are popular among foreign men and endorse it! Why are they so loved by singles from abroad? All because of their mesmerizing traits…

Slovenian Bride

Real Slovenian Mail Order Brides Profiles

Victoria 24 y.o.
Anastasia 29 y.o.
Irina 26 y.o.
Galina 25 y.o.
Animal trainer
Tatiana 23 y.o.
Alina 27 y.o.
Vera 24 y.o.
Anya 26 y.o.
Olga 25 y.o.
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Features of Slovenian Brides

Before this article gets any further into learning what attracts people from around the world to Slovenian brides, it is pivotal to note that the following description may not and should not apply to every single Slovenian woman you meet. Just like any other woman in the world, Slovenian brides take pride in their uniqueness and foster the traits that make them stand out and differentiate them from the crowd. Therefore, the list of features below has more of a collective nature, rather than being relevant to each and every single Slovenian girl.

You should refer to these features to get a basic understanding of what Slovenian brides are if you are interested in building relationships with them, but you cannot rely on it entirely. The only way to get to know someone is by talking to them!

Slovenian Girls for Marriage Are Very Straightforward

One of the things that immediately sets Slovenian brides aside from the rest of their female counterparts is their frankness and openness. Regardless of the dating experience, you have had in your life, you probably know about the favorite trick women love to pull on men, playing hard to get.

On a number of occasions, it really does work as men love chasing girls. However, it often becomes annoying if it continues in the future. A lot of Slavic women, as well as Western girls, too, are notorious for holding grudges and not really telling what offended them. This builds up and hinders the development of a healthy relationship.

With Slovenian brides, however, it is different. These charming ladies are very genuine and direct when it comes to expressing their concerns, discussing their feelings, etc. While they are still polite and choose their words wisely, they rarely withhold information that they believe should be made known.

Apart from that, Slovenian brides are also not the type to play hard to get. Although they do, like any other women, love male attention and want to be courted, they not push men away from them on purpose. They are not players and prefer to tackle things accordingly. If they like you, they will tell you about that instead of waiting for you to make the first step.

This is exactly what makes relationships with Slovenian brides so interesting, you are in for some surprises, too! Besides, you can always be sure to trust your Slovenian wife as they always mean what they say.

Slovenian Ladies Have Great Managerial Skills

Although this trait sounds like something that would belong to a CV, it actually is a very important feature that helps Slovenian brides to manage their lives effectively. They are very punctual and value their time. Unlike a lot of females from other countries, being on time everywhere and always is essential in Slovenian culture.

Therefore, you will not have to be waiting on your Slovenian girlfriend for ages because she needs ‘just another 5 minutes’ to finish her makeup.

Besides, Slovenian brides are very down to earth. It does not mean that they are not dreamy and do not aim high, but rather that these ladies are tackling everything step by step. They do not take huge leaps and strive for something completely unattainable. On the contrary, they are realistic and plan everything in such a way they know they could actually get that.

Slovenian Girlfriends Are Independent

This flows out the previous statement and completes it nicely — Slovenian brides are indeed extremely independent. This is the main feature that differentiates them from their Russian mail order bride counterparts. Unlike them, Slovenian brides are not keen on the idea of giving up their ambitions and relying entirely on the man they marry. From the very first day of meeting a guy they believe one day could potentially become their husband, Slovenian brides position themselves as an equal rather than as a meek trophy wife.

One of the small examples that really show such an attitude to relationships is the way how Slovenian brides normally behave during their first date: it is not common for the guy to pay the bill; instead, the bill is either being split or the woman herself pays it. Pretty unusual, is not it? This, however, is a Slovenian custom.

And Slovenian girls are like that in everything. They strive for independence and want to develop themselves as separate entities that are equal partners to their husband. This implies that a lot of Slovenian brides have a flourishing career as financial stability is one of the big parts of independence.

Slovenian Brides Are Great Home-makers

The aforementioned, however, does not mean that pretty Slovenian girls reject the traditional values and do not care about their families. In fact, this is very much the opposite! As it has been previously discussed, Slovenian women are amazing at managing time, so they can combine both work and home stuff almost effortlessly.

Indeed, Slovenian brides make amazing homemakers, and value the well-being of their families a lot! Just like all the rest of Slavic girls, Slovenian women are great cooks and are not used to the idea of getting takeaways for dinner every night. Instead, they are happy to treat their loved ones to delicious homemade meals.

Apart from that, Slovenian wives also make amazing mothers. They have the patience, knowledge, and approachability to raise clever and polite kids.

They Are Extremely Kind

One of the traits that tie in well with the previous statement is the kindness of these ladies. Slovenian women are very sweet and polite. They are friendly and soft-spoken. They are very tolerant, too. Basically, a package deal as all of these things makes them easy to talk to.

Slovenian brides

The Beauty of Women for Marriage from Slovenia Is Out of This World

At last but most definitely not at least, Slovenian brides are very beautiful. Although these ladies are considered to be Slavic, Slovenia is situated in the Balkans, which adds a twist to the appearance of these charming women and makes them look quite unusual. Nonetheless, they are absolutely stunning.

  • These ladies have a fair complexion, but catch tan easily
  • Most Slovenian women have light-colored eyes such as green and blue
  • Most of these ladies are medium height, but there are plenty of petite Slovenian brides

Something very peculiar about Slovenian brides is the fact that they embrace their natural beauty and are not really big on beauty enhancements. Nonetheless, this does not mean that they are not great at makeup. If there is an appropriate occasion, they will go all out!

In addition to that, Slovenian brides have very nice bodies. They are athletic and sporty and pay a lot of attention to staying fit. In fact, being toned and slim is a beauty standard most ladies try to adhere to.

What Is the Best Slovenian Wife Finder?

As it has been discussed previously, Slovenian brides are quite often fond of the idea of looking for potential husbands among foreign singles. This means that a lot of them turn to mail order bride agencies for help or register on various online dating sites. Therefore, if you want to meet your love, you should look for it among Slovenian wives online.

However, this does not mean that you are to create an account on the first website you come across. It is important to approach the process responsibly and do a little bit of research before your signup.

Below are some of the online dating sites we recommend for finding beautiful Slovenian brides that are legit and trustworthy:

Match Truly

  • A large online dating platform that has a lot of profiles of single Slovenian brides
  • Uses 128-bit SSL protected payment system
  • Good moderation

Love Swans

  • An international dating website popular among Slovenian brides
  • Has a number of cool features
  • Registration is free

Victoria Hearts

  • Offers advanced search tool that allows users to narrow their search down to specifics such as age, location or other criteria
  • Cares a lot about its users’ safety
  • A lot of active singles from Slovenia
  • Tips for Dating Slovenian Women

If you find a single woman from Slovenia and fall for her (which is very likely considering how stunning they are), you need to remember that there are some cultural peculiarities that you need to be aware of. This is essential to follow these rules if you want your courtship to be successful and fruitful:

  1. Show your confidence. Slovenian brides are strong-willed and are looking for a man to match.
  2. Be a gentleman, but do not pressure her into following the old-fashioned traditions. If she rejects your offer to pay the bill, do not insist. Perhaps, splitting the bill is the best.
  3. Be funny. Humour is something Slovenian women adore. However, you need to remember that they will not accept any mediocre jokes, do not start with all the dad’s jokes.
  4. Do not be afraid to approach them. While these stunning ladies might seem a tiny bit intimidating sometimes, they are very sweet and kind.