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Slovakian brides are extremely charming and very interesting to date. If you have ever wondered whether there are women who are both independent and strong but also feminine and family-oriented, Slovakian girls are the perfect choice for you. This article talks about the traits intrinsic to Slovakian brides, discusses who they are and offers some legit sites where you could find them.

Everything You Need to Know About Slovakian Mail-order Brides

Who Are Slovakian Women for Marriage?

If you have ever wondered what the term ‘Slovakian bride for sale’ means, this is time to get your facts straight. Unfortunately, even now a lot of people get it wrong and associate mail order bride services with some illegal activities. However, this is absolutely incorrect.

Slovakian mail order brides are simply singles from Slovakia who have given up on trying to find a husband in their country and have turned to mail order bride agencies for help to find their soulmates among foreign singles. They do so out of their free will and are genuinely interested in connecting with people from abroad.

For each and every Slovakian bride the reasoning behind this decision will be different, but the most common ones include the following:

  1. There are more women in Slovakia than there are men, so it is fairly difficult for ladies to find a man in their local area.
  2. Women want to see the options there are out in the world.
  3. They are seeking a better life for themselves and their future kids.
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Real Slovakian Mail Order Brides Profiles

Anya 26 y.o.
Galina 25 y.o.
Animal trainer
Tatiana 23 y.o.
Irina 26 y.o.
Victoria 24 y.o.
Anastasia 29 y.o.
Vera 24 y.o.
Olga 25 y.o.
Alina 27 y.o.
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Features of Slovakian Brides

Now that you have at least some basic understanding in regards to who women for marriage from Slovakia are, you might be wondering what common features they share and would like to know more about their traits and characters. However, before this article goes any further into exploring the peculiarities of beautiful Slovakian women, it is important to point out that all Slovakian brides rake pride in their uniqueness and foster those traits that make them stand out in the crowd. Therefore, it is likely that the Slovakian mail order bride you meet on the site will not fit into the description below perfectly. This is absolutely normal as the traits discussed further in this article represent a collective portrait of a Slovakian mail order bride rather than any given individual.

Therefore, you should take the information below as the foundation for your knowledge about pretty Slovakian girls and what they are like, but you should further accumulate it based on the results of your communication with each and every individual Slovakian bride. Not only this is extremely interesting to be getting to know them, but it is also very rewarding as women adore it when they are spoiled with attention and are genuinely cared for.

Slovakian Girls for Marriage Are Very Beautiful

The first feature that Slovakian brides are known for is their beauty. This is a feature that does not require an awful lot of explanation as it is obvious. Perhaps, you already know how stunning they are if you are interested in dating one of them. Overall, pretty Slovakian girls resemble the rest of their Slavic female counterparts but have some unique traits, too.

While there is not a unified way all Slovakian girls look, most of them have some (or even all) of the following things about their appearance:

  • Blonde or light brown hair. While you sure thing can find some dark-haired ladies in Slovakia, the most common type within the country is the girls with long, straight blonde hair. For this reason, a lot of foreign men refer to them as real-life Barbies.
  • Slim and tall. This feature of their appearance only further contributes to the Barbie-like image Slovakian brides have. The national beauty standard is a slim toned body. These ladies put a lot of effort into being fit, so they often are big on exercising.
  • Besides, they are naturally taller than women from America, Western Europe or, especially so, Asian countries. This allows them to look like supermodels.
  • Fair complexion. Due to the peculiarities of the country’s location, it is difficult if not impossible to meet Slovakian singles with dark or even olive skin. Most of the women from Slovakia have smooth white skin.
  • Blue eyes. Something particularly alluring about Slovakian singles is their unreal eye color. Blue eyes are not that common to have in America or Asian countries, so browsing through Slovakian brides really does make an unusual experience due to their beautiful piercing eyes.

In addition to that, Slovakian brides have also inherited most of the habits Russian ladies have in regard to their looks. It can be said that these women are quite high maintenance as they dedicate a fair share of their time to achieving their best looks. They always have to have their nails and hair done, and they are amazing at using makeup to enhance their natural beauty.

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Slovakian Brides Are Well-mannered

Another feature Slovakian brides are known for is their excellent manners. They are soft-spoken and very polite, both with strangers and people they know. It is a cultural peculiarity. Slovakian girls are brought up in the atmosphere of respect, so they would never in a million years let themselves be rude to someone, or be ignorant when it comes to relationships with other people.

They are well-aware of all the rules of etiquette and make sure they follow them. This is excellent news for all those men who are looking for Slovakian wives online and are interested in bringing them to social events. Slovakian brides are very comfortable with things like that and will always look and act appropriately.

However, this has some downsides to it, too. While good manners are always a good thing to have, the modesty of Slovakian brides may sometimes be mistaken for prudishness and lack of interest. To some, they might even appear as reserved and cold. This is not accurate at all, though!

In reality, Slovakian brides are simply slightly conservative and cautious when it comes to interacting with strangers, and they do not want to be too straightforward and easy. In fact, the worst thing there is for a single woman from Slovakia is to come across as vulgar. Partially, this is why Slovakian girlfriends prefer to take things slow and are not huge fans of casual dating and one-night stands.

You shall not worry! As soon as you show your Slovakian woman that you mean well, have serious intentions and can be trusted, there immediately be a thaw, and she will show her true bubbly self. These ladies are not a prude at all, but rather very passionate and energetic in the heart.

They Are Independent

As it has been previously stated, Slovakian brides do not want to look desperate, so they do everything possible to not need anyone to support them. While they do love romantic men who can spoil them, unless they are in a relationship, they are not the type of women to rely solely on their men. They are seeking financial stability as they want to be independent and live their lives the way they want.

In addition to that, Slovakian brides are very independent in their thoughts as well. They have their personal views on the things around them and they are not afraid to speak up. They stand for what they believe in and do so with courtesy and certainty.

They are not submissive kind and value equality. In a relationship with a Slovakian bride, you have to make sure that you respect her opinions and are open to debate.

These Ladies Are Very Smart and Well-educated

In fact, debating is something Slovakian women do often. However, they are not feisty, they do not scream and have heated arguments. Instead, they deliver their thoughts in a very subtle, yet effective manner. One of the things that enable them to do that is their extraordinary wit and smartness.

Indeed, Slovakian brides are very intelligent and well-rounded. Partially, this is the result of the outstanding educational system in Slovakia. The country, despite having separated from the USSR before its fall, continued using some elements of the rigorous education employed back in the days. This means that Slovakian brides do not only specialize in some areas but have a wide scope of things they have learned about and therefore can talk about. They are overall extremely knowledgeable as they send a fair share of their lives studying.

A simple fact that backs that point is that the majority of Slovakian brides do stop their studies after graduating from high school. Upon that, they often go to universities to get a bachelor’s or even master’s degree. To a large extent, this is due to their wish for financial stability. In Slovakia, if you want to have a good job and be able to be financially independent, it is mandatory for you to have a university diploma. Hence, a lot of women do that.

But it is not only formal education that they excel at. In fact, the national peculiarity of these charming females is that they are very curious. This implies that they love to find out new things, and they are open to new experiences. They are quite adventurous and therefore are constantly trying to find something to excite them and keep them busy.

With all that in mind it will be fair to conclude that having a Slovakian wife by your side, you will never be bored. Not only will she entertain you with chats and be a great person to talk to, but she will also bring spontaneity and excitement for new things to your life. This is extremely important if you are interested in Slovakian brides with the intention of building long-term relationships eventually resulting in marriage. They have much more to them than their looks, which is important if you are searching for someone to stick with for a while.

Slovakian Girlfriends Are Loyal

In addition to that, Slovakian brides make a perfect choice if you want to meet your love and want to marry a girl. The reason for this is that they do not play games. While it might be quite difficult to win over her heart, once you do find the correct approach and give her the confidence in you and your intentions, you will see that the effort is well worth it. Slovakian girls in love are absolutely mesmerizing. They are very loyal and will always do everything possible to protect you, cheer you up and always be the best companion and the most reliable partner you could ask for.

Slovakian girls are traditional, so they believe in complete and undisputable monogamy. Therefore, if you decide to connect your life with a Slovakian woman, you will see how pleasant and rewarding it is to have someone you can trust unconditionally by your side.

It goes without saying, however, that Slovakian brides expect you to behave in the same way. If you do commit to a relationship with one of the gorgeous women, you need to make sure that you stay invested in it. They are very straightforward about their relationships and want their partners to do the same.

Slovakian Women Are Family-oriented

At last but not at least, Slovakian women, just like any other Slavic women are famous for their traditional values when it comes to family. In the culture of Slovakia, it is normal and even expected for girls to keep close ties with their family even after they, themselves, build a family of their own. They keep in touch with their relatives, and their parents have a lot of say in their lives.

This further translates into their own families, too. If you are lucky to get yourself a Slovakian wife, you will see how dedicated she is to ensure that her family has all the best things and is always surrounded by love and care. Not only this include emotional support, but also such basic things as cleaning, washing, and cooking.

Despite being very ambitious and having strong work ethics, Slovakian brides are not averted to the idea of being home keepers. They do all the house chores on top of building their careers.

What Is the Best Slovakian Wife Finder?

If you are interested in dating Slovakian women, you are lucky! They are keen on the idea of finding themselves date from a foreign country; hence, they are present on various online dating sites, both free and paid. However, if you see yourself as a husband for a Slovakian bride, you should not just hop on the first site you come across and create an account there. It is important that you approach the process of choosing the platform responsibly and select only those sites that let you get to your goal effectively. Some of the best sites to set up a profile on are:


  • The signup process is easy and free
  • Has a large number of profiles of gorgeous Slovakian brides
  • Offers extra features that enhance your online dating experience

Victoria Hearts

  • One of the most popular sites for dating Slovakian brides
  • Offers its members extended search that can help you narrow down your search to specifics such as age, appearance or location

Love Swans

  • An international dating platform with a lot of Slovakian girls to choose from
  • Uses 128-bit SSL protected payment system
  • Has a wide range of features aimed at making your communication with Slovakian brides diverse and fun