Meet Estonian Mail Order Brides

Estonian brides are the hidden gem of the post-Soviet area. They are as beautiful and gorgeous as Russian and Ukrainian girls but are more modest and mysterious. These ladies are extremely loyal, smart and caring. They have strong family values and are eager to support their loved ones!

Everything You Need to Know About Estonian Mail-order Brides

International dating is becoming more and more popular among singles worldwide. The main reason for its rising popularity is the fact that it opens a vast number of opportunities that used to be inaccessible in the past. Not setting any geographical limits when trying to meet your love gives you a chance to take your personal preferences into consideration. In fact, this is what a lot of men from around the globe do — give in to their desires and attempt at finding themselves a stunning woman.

It is no secret that Slavic girls are believed to be one of the most gorgeous women in the world. They are, indeed, incredibly appealing and their beauty is absolutely breathtaking. This is a universally accepted fact,

However, one mistake a lot of single men often do is going straight for Ukrainian or Russian beauties. While they are undeniably stunning, there are so many other pretty women in the Slavic region. One of the less discovered and less well-known, but most definitely not less hot ladies are pretty Estonian girls.

Estonia is a country that you have surely heard of, but, chances are have not looked into when considering all the possible destinations for dating travels. This, however, is entirely on you, considering the bewildering charm of the beautiful Estonian women.

Who Are Estonian Women for Marriage?

One of the best ways of meeting Estonian brides is by turning to marriage and mail order bride agencies for help. Those are the last resort for everyone interested in connecting with Estonian wives online. However, it is important to settle down some of the issues surrounding the topic, so that your understanding of who Estonian mail order brides are was complete and clear.

To begin with, it is absolutely essential to point out that Estonian mail order brides are in no way to be associated with sex workers or women of any other shade and/or illegal profession. This assumption is wrong and does not correlate with reality.

One of the things that may lurk people into thinking that Estonian mail order brides are not legit is the term ‘Estonian bride for sale’ often used in the industry. However, this is a figurative expression used to indicate the fact that the mail order bride services ask you to pay a fee to be able to access the features and facilities they provide. In no way does that mean that you could place the highest bid on the Estonian bride that you fancy and get her shipped to you.

In fact, the profiles of ladies you can see online are legit and belong to real women. They are not paid to interact with you, so they do so from their own will. This implies that it is entirely up to you whether the woman of your heart will like you or not.

So, to put it together, Estonian mail order brides are simply Estonian singles who are interested in finding a husband among foreign men and have turned to mail order bride agencies for help. The reasons why these beautiful girlfriends are inclined to build relationships with men from abroad as opposed to wooing their local guy, vary. Chances are, however, the Estonian mail order bride you meet online will be registered on the site for one of the following reasons:

  1. In Estonia, women outnumber men so it can be quite challenging for Estonian brides to find the one among their locals.
  2. One of the traits of Estonian men that is ridiculed is their poor social skills. While it does not apply to all men from Estonia, a lot of them are not very straightforward, confident and have the inner macho to them. This is something a lot of Estonian brides find attractive, however. Thus, they are trying to search for it elsewhere.
  3. Estonia is not a big country, so the dating pool is slightly limited. Estonian brides, however, do not want to put up with that and are seeking to expand the range of options available to them. They are really interested in finding their true soulmate, so they do everything possible to reach their goal.

One way or another, Estonian brides are quite firm in their wish to connect with foreign singles to build serious relationships. So, if you are interested in finding yourself a Slavic woman, you should have a closer look at whether you would be a good match with Estonian brides or not.

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Real Estonian Mail Order Brides Profiles

Victoria 24 y.o.
Anastasia 29 y.o.
Irina 26 y.o.
Galina 25 y.o.
Animal trainer
Tatiana 23 y.o.
Alina 27 y.o.
Vera 24 y.o.
Anya 26 y.o.
Olga 25 y.o.
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Features of Estonian Brides

Estonian Girls for Marriage Are Very Modest

One of the things that are the most apparent about Estonian brides and their character is the fact that they are very modest. As little girls, they are brought up with a belief that they must behave appropriately in every situation and not let go of their emotions.

For this very reason, a lot of men might find Estonian brides shy and even emotionally unavailable at first. This, however, is not true. The real deal with Estonian brides is that they are very reserved with strangers as they take their time when getting to know someone. They prefer to evaluate the situation and give it an objective assessment before they get into it.

It is in their graces to appear very polite. In fact, this is something they are taught from a very early age: Estonian brides know how to behave well. They know all the rules of etiquette and follow them religiously.

Their modesty is shown in their style, too. They are not the type to dress up without there being an occasion and wear clothes that may come across as too revealing.

In addition to that, they are not really the type to take the lead in a relationship. Instead, these women are quite submissive to their men and take their man’s opinions close to the head and heart.

Estonian Brides Have Strong Family Values

As it has been discussed previously in the article, a lot of traits Estonian brides are famous to come from their childhood. As little girls, Etonian ladies build strong bonds with their parents, which they carry on into the future.

Even as grownups, Estonian brides are very close to their relatives, and their parents play a pivotal role in their lives. Family values are very strong in Estonia, and women understand the importance of marriage. This is why they, unlike their western female counterparts, are not hesitant about getting married and giving birth early.

In fact, a family is the Estonian bride’s top priority. These ladies are ready to do everything possible in order to ensure that they are loved ones are content with their lives and receive all the love and care they deserve. Estonian brides are extremely supportive and make great partners and mothers. They are always ready to give good advice and have your back no matter what.

Besides, if you manage to get yourself an Estonian wife you will be blessed to know that they make excellent homemakers. These ladies are taught to take care of the household from their early years, so all the house chores are not a challenge for them. Doing laundry, cleaning, and cooking — all of the Estonian brides are used to doing. They do not mind being stay-at-home mums and dedicating their lives to the people they love the most.

These ladies Are Self-sufficient

Nonetheless, this does not mean that Estonian brides do not have a strong core in them. All the peculiarities of living in Estonia have fostered strong will in Estonian brides, and if a need arises, they can protect themselves just fine and help themselves to flourish.

This is great for serious relationships, too! Estonian brides will be great supporters to you, and will always have the right words to say to you in order to inspire you. Despite the information stated earlier in the article, Estonian brides can get a hold of themselves. It is just that they like their man to take the lead, but it does not mean that they cannot decide for themselves.

Besides, they are also eager to get a free expression of themselves.

Estonian Women Are Incredibly Beautiful

A feature that is the most obvious to anyone interested in women for marriage from Estonia is the outstanding beauty of these ladies. The looks of Estonian brides are genuinely stunning and make a lot of men lose their minds. There is not a unified standard of what Estonian brides look like, but most of them inherit a combination of Nordic and Slavic features:

  • Estonian beauties are tall and slim. Ladies from this country are known to be taller than average women in Europe.
  • They have silky long blonde hair.
  • Light eyes, either blue or green.
  • Estonian brides have full lips.

In addition to that, Estonian brides care a lot about their looks and want to be fit at all times. Because of this, they attend the gym frequently and keep a healthy diet.

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These Girls Are Smart and Well-rounded

At last but not at least, apart from being a pleasure to look at, Estonian brides are also extremely nice to talk to, too! These ladies are very well-educated. Absolutely all Estonian women have secondary education, and a lot of them pursue higher education and enroll in the university.

Apart from that, they have a strive for knowledge, and even when they are done with formal education, these girls continue bettering themselves and expanding there are of knowledge by attending different courses and workshops.

Therefore, you can be sure that there will always be plenty of things to talk about, and you will never be bored around your Estonian bride! In addition to that, they can easily hold a conversation in English, so there shall not be any misunderstandings between the two of you based on the lack of language knowledge. Although English is not their first language, Estonian brides study it at school and know it well by the time they graduate.

What Is the Best Estonian Wife Finder?

As it has been previously stated, Estonian brides may appear a bit reserved, which makes them somewhat hard to approach in real life. Therefore, the best way to meet charming Estonian ladies is by searching them online. Thankfully, they are rather eager to find themselves a foreign man, so they are well represented on various online dating sites.

Nonetheless, it does not mean that you may approach the process of choosing the site to create an account on carelessly and irresponsibly. On contrary, it is important to do some background research before you register a profile so that you would be sure that the platform you hop on is appropriate for the type of dating you are interested in, and it legit.

Here are some of the services we recommend to consider:

Victoria Hearts

  • One of the most popular online dating platforms that are popular among Estonian brides
  • Uses 128-bit SSL protected payment system
  • Advanced search tool

Match Truly

  • An international online dating service that has a lot of profiles of Estonian brides
  • Signup is free of charge
  • Offers a lot of fun features for communication

Victoria Dates

  • A great platform for dating Estonian women
  • Good moderation
  • High response rates