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Croatian brides are feisty, independent, strong-willed and extremely attractive. What an explosive mixture, is not it? However, if you manage to handle them, they will make the best partners in crime for life, and be there for you no matter what. Interested? Learn more about these stunning ladies!

Everything You Need to Know About Croatian Mail-order Brides

Who Are Croatian Women for Marriage?

The first thing that needs to be addressed in this exploration of Croatian brides and their characters, is the issue of who Croatian mail order brides are exactly.

Unfortunately, with the country being quite a popular sex-tourism destination, a lot of people unaware of the concept of mail order bride agencies and the services they provide make wrong assumptions in regards to the nature of these women.

However, the term Croatian bride for sale, despite the way it sounds, refers exclusively to Croatian singles who are interested in finding love online. This does not mean that you can just hop on a mail order bride agency site and place the highest bid on the woman you like and get her shipped to you. This would be illegal. Instead, you are simply using the platform for communicating with Croatian wives online.

Thus, Croatian mail order brides are simply Croatian brides who are tired of trying to build a relationship with their local men and want to try their luck among foreign singles. The main reasons for this include:

  • Croatian men are often not that loyal and ‘too macho’ for Croatian brides.
  • Croatia, despite being a rather nice country for holidays, is not the most economically and politically stable region. By considering marriage with foreigners, Croatian singles want to get themselves and their future children a better life.
  • They simply want to expand their dating pool.

One way or another, a lot of Croatian brides are interested in meeting a guy from abroad, so maybe that is a chance for you to meet your love.

Dos And Don’ts Of Dating A Croatian Woman

Real Croatian Mail Order Brides Profiles

Alessia 28 y.o.
Aurora 30 y.o.
Software engineer
Beatrice 26 y.o.
Adelina 25 y.o.
Makeup Artist
Adriana 29 y.o.
Olivia 31 y.o.
Charlotte 28 y.o.
Sophia 25 y.o.
Isabella 24 y.o.
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Features of Croatian Brides

The first thing that needs to be settled down in this article before it is possible to delve deeper into exploring the characteristics of beautiful Croatian women is the fact that they are all unique in the first place. Just like any other woman, or just person in general, Croatian brides strive for uniqueness and having some features that would be intrinsic to them and them only, so that they would stand out in the crowd. Even more so, considering their eccentric nature, pretty Croatian girls almost compete with each other as to who has the most things that make them special.

Therefore, the traits discussed in this article may not be relevant for each and every Croatian mail order bride you meet when dating online. Hence, it is important that you only take the information laid out here as the foundation for your further personal exploration of women for marriage from Croatia, and take your time to get to know the woman of your dreams yourself. Not only that is extremely fun but is also rewarding as it will show her that you have a genuine interest in her personality.

Croatian Girls for Marriage Are Fierce and Passionate

The stereotype about the Balkan women is true and is particularly relevant when it comes to Croatian brides. These women are not the meek and submissive kind, as they are very strong-willed and independent. They have an opinion on everything and are not afraid to defend their viewpoints, especially if they believe in them firmly.

At the same time, Croatian brides are not a shy bunch either. They are known to have a feisty temperament and you will notice it immediately as soon as you get to know her a bit better. If you are interested in relationships with women that would listen to you no matter what, this is not the case with Croatian brides. Nonetheless, if you are down for a heated debate now and then, you will be pleased to know that your life will never be boring with a Croatian bride.

In fact, Croatian brides are fun to debate with, they have a natural talent of being the devil’s advocate, so you are in for a challenge. Moreover, they are also very intelligent, which makes them even more interesting to talk to.

Of course, with such a wild temper, it can sometimes be difficult to be around them, especially if you are a tough guy yourself, but if you manage to find an approach to your Croatian wife, you will be the luckiest man alive. Especially since their passion translates into every sphere of their lives, including their intimate life.

There is a saying that love is born in the Balkans, and this is true since Croatian brides are such amazing lovers. They know exactly how to please their man, and are very proactive when it comes to sex. These ladies are not afraid to make the first move, and make their man feel wanted and sexy. Besides, the hottest sex is always the make up one.

In addition to that, with Croatian brides being so fierce and fiery, you can be sure that there are no underlying unresolved issues. These ladies prefer to tackle all their problems in fashion, and voicing all their concerns as soon as there is one. Even though they might be a bit over the top in doing this, their straightforward approach to relationships keeps those healthy and dynamic. However, these ladies also understand and respect the concept of privacy, so they would never argue with you in public. Family matter stays behind closed doors.

With a Croatian mail order bride, you will never know what is coming, but in the best way possible!


Croatian Brides Are Adventurous

As it has been stated before, Croatian brides are very unpredictable. This feature extends to other traits of their character as well. In addition to their unpredictability, they are also very adventurous and open-minded.

Croatian brides are naturally very curious and are always down to experience new things. They are not conservative and are full of energy. Their brimming positivity is contagious, too. These ladies are always there to share their enthusiasm with the people around them so that everyone could get some of that genuine excitement for life.

Indeed, Croatian women are extremely positive and love to see the best in everything life has in store for them. They are quite laid-back and therefore are not too uptight about things in general.

Croatian girls love fun and are not too hung up on always being serious. Therefore, they are not appalled by the idea of going on a casual date now and then or having other adventures to spice up their days.

These Ladies Are Excellent Home-makers

Nonetheless, despite being the party-hard type, Croatian brides are also amazing housewives. From a very young age, they are brought up by their mothers who teach them how to take care of the households. Therefore, in their adult lives, Croatian brides are no strangers to effortlessly managing the house and doing all the house chores, including cleaning, doing laundry and many other things.

Of course, it does not mean that these ladies are the housemaids, and are there to serve you, but they are not the lazy kind who would let their homes be untidy.

Besides, Croatian brides are outstanding cooks. They excel at making fresh meals to surprise you with delicious food. Moreover, it is not in their culture to always get takeaways, so you can expect to be treated to homemade meals three times a day.

It is always a pleasure to be a guest of a Croatian wife as these women make sure that people leave their homes satisfied and happy. They are very hospitable!

They Have Strong Family Values

A lot of the aforementioned features are formed in Croatian brides in their childhood and come from their families. Speaking of which, family plays a huge role in the life of every Croatian woman.

Even after growing up, Croatian brides remain very close with their parents, and listen to their advice a lot, especially when it comes to serious things. For this reason, it is pivotal for you to get into her family’s liking, if you have serious intentions when dating a Croatian lady.

If you do manage to get her parents to like you, however, you will be able to be sure that those people will treat you with the utmost respect and be always there for you. It is easy to feel accepted in a situation like that.

But it is not only the bride’s family that matters to her but also the one she creates with her husband, too. Croatian brides are keen on having a big and happy family and will do everything possible (and sometimes even impossible) to make that happen. Family is always their top priority, and they will fight for their loved ones’ happiness.

Croatian brides are very good with children, too. Once in a marriage, they do not postpone having kids trying to focus on fulfilling their career dreams first. Despite being very ambitious, they value their home and family more than they do value work.

Croatian women are loyal and supportive
If you are dating Croatian women, you will soon learn that your life without them was incomplete. These women charge you with their positivity and support and are always there to have your back. In fact, they are the type to be your perfect partner in crime, as they would be there for you no matter what, and will be your most devoted fans.

If you are in a relationship with a Croatian woman, you can be sure that there is unconditional and undivided love involved. Once they manifest their love for you, it is final that they are to stay with you forever.

Croatian brides are not going to betray you, and even allow a thought of looking at other men once they are in a relationship. At the same time, however, you need to be aware of the fact that they would expect the same from you, too.

Croatian Singles

The Beauty of Croatian Girls Is Unmatched

At last but most definitely not at least, Croatian brides are extremely beautiful. Like other women from the Balkans, they have a very peculiar appearance that is deemed to be stunning to male singles from around the world. There is not a single look that all Croatian brides share as a lot of these women use their appearance to express themselves, but the features that are common among Croatian brides include:

  • Striking facial features. A lot of Croatian women can boast their full lips, high cheekbones, and sharp noses.
  • Long dark hair. Obviously, this is not relevant to all, but naturally, most Croatian girls have darker hair and tend to keep it long as it is a beauty trend within the country.
  • Brown or green almond-shaped eyes.
  • Smooth and glowing olive skin.

In addition to that, most Croatian girls are very slim and toned, and not that tall. You will sure thing look very macho-like next to such a petite tender woman.

Although Croatian girls are very beautiful nature, they are also amazing at enhancing their natural beauty with cosmetics and cosmetic surgeries.

What Is the Best Croatian Wife Finder?

It is essential that you only create an account on the site that is good for dating Croatian women and is legit, so you would not have your dating experience spoiled by unpleasant interactions with scammers. Besides, before the signup process, you need to make sure that you register a profile on the site that is good for the purpose you are willing to fulfill. Here are some of the good free sites if you want to date Croatian brides:

Match Truly

  • A large international online dating site that has a lot of Croatian brides registered
  • Offers advanced search tool
  • High response rates

Love Swans

  • A lot of stunning Croatian brides are using the site to find love
  • Uses 128-bit SSL protected payment system
  • Registration is free

Victoria Date

  • A lot of fun and useful features to better your online dating experience
  • The site is very popular among hot Croatian brides
  • Easy to navigate